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Jazz Now Gives Its Customers the Facility to Reach the World from the Sky.

Jazz has achieved yet another landmark by being the first operator in Pakistan to offer in-flight communication service for its customers. Partnering with Air France and Emirates through our partner networks OnAir and AeroMobile, Jazz offers GSM network onboard aircraft; providing not only voice calls and text messages but also data over
GPRS. This service enables passengers to use their GSM mobile phones and smart phones, such as BlackBerry, during flights – after takeoff and before landing. Mobile in-flight roaming works like regular roaming service on ground. It is billed by passenger’s home mobile operator. To use the service, passengers with an international roaming subscription simply switch on their mobile phones on a Mobile in-flight roaming equipped aircraft.

Currently, this service is being provided on one Emirates and one Air France aircraft with plans to roll out across fleets and other airlines in future. These aircrafts fly to various European destinations such as Paris, London, Vienna, Rome, Frankfurt, Munich, Venice, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Prague, Warsaw, Hamburg, Casablanca etc. Information cannot be provided in advance regarding the actual routes, as these can be changed very rapidly by the airline. Passengers onboard the aircraft will be made aware that GSM network is available through announcements by the crew, by in-seat pocket information and via overhead signs. The service is available only in cruise altitude, i.e. above 3000 meters and not during take-off and landing.

Jazz promises to maintain its technology leadership and customer satisfaction by offering more state-of-the-art services in the near future. Please find below In-flight Mobile Roaming charges:

Click here for Inflight Roaming Tariff sheet

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