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Things to remember on roaming:

Jazz Roaming has never been more simple and affordable. Just a few tips:

Know your tariff:

we have just made roaming easy for all with $0.2 per min or mb in over 70 major countries. Over 90% of Jazz roamers visit these countries. Still, just make sure you know the roaming rates for the country you plan to visit.

Say Yes to Data Roaming:

Since data roaming is also $0.2 per mb in over 70 countries which is much affordable now. We encourage you to use data roaming. Roughly you can make 2-3 minutes of WhatsApp audio call in 1 mb. Not bad, right !

What’s with the APN Settings:

If your data roaming is active and you still face issues using it abroad. Just check your APN (Access Point Names) settings. Simply configure APN to ‘Jazz’.

We shall text you:

while on roaming, you will continue to receive free welcome sms and data usage alerts to help you know your tariff, available offers and avoid any bill shock.

Watch out for Inflight & maritime:

Non-terrestrial roaming is expensive. Just make sure your mobile is put on Airplane mode here.

No Background Apps:

Sometimes, apps continue running in background without you knowing. So, its better to either turn data roaming on when using it or simply block apps from using data in background (check your mobile data settings).

Switch off all free services that you subscribe to. Certain data based applications viz. GPS, Facebook, Twitter, Widgets, RSS Feeds, Email, weather updates, News, Blackberry Messenger or any other instant messaging application etc. as they continuously consume data bandwidth leading to high Data-Roaming charges even when you are not using the same.

Why Call forwarding:

Check status of your call forwarding to ensure you cancel all call forwards before you travel abroad. So, you may want to review/cancel any call diverts that you may have activated as there will be two-way Roaming charging on Voicemail services and on conditional call forwarding while roaming.

How to Activate Now:

Now that you have gone through these tips, we say it’s a good idea to use roaming and not purchase a local sim from abroad. For postpaid, we have reduced the credit limit requirement for roaming activation which is now Rs. 5000 for postpaid individual customers and Rs. 10,000 for corporate customers. Postpaid individual customers can visit any nearest Jazz business centre, call 777 or email to [email protected] for roaming activation. Corporate customers simply need to advise their JBCs (Jazz Business Consultants).

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