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Nine International Destinations
  • Subscription Fee Rs.50/100
  • Subscription Code Dial 777
  • Validity 30 Days

Jazz makes sure that there are no limitations when it comes to talking! Now, you can call 9 destinations across Europe at the best calling rates ever.

Offer Details
9-Intl. Dest-100 9-Intl. Dest-50
M Initial:Rs. 100 m300: Rs. 50
m100:Rs. 100 m999: Rs. 50
m400:Rs. 100 m1500: Rs. 50
m600:Rs. 100 M Unlimited (Basic+Premium): Rs. 50
m900:Rs. 100
J 300:Rs. 100
J 600:Rs. 100
J 999:Rs. 100
IDD Destinations Existing Rate
(per 60 secs)
Discounted Rate
(per 60 secs)
France (L) Rs.2.45/- Rs.1.39/
Germany (L) Rs.2.45/- Rs.1.39/
Greece (L) Rs.2.45/- Rs.1.39/
Ireland (L) Rs.2.45/- Rs.1.39/
Italy (L) Rs.2.45/- Rs.1.39/
Netherlands (L) Rs,2.45/- Rs.1.39/
Portugal (L) Rs.2.45/- Rs.1.39/
Switzerland (L) Rs.2.45/- Rs.1.39/
United Kingdom (L) Rs.1.90/- Rs.0.89/
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