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Postpaid Youth Central
  • Subscription Fee Rs.1.42/Day
  • Subscription Code Send ‘sub’ to 6262 or dial 6262
  • Unsubscribe Send ‘unsub’ to 6262 or dial 6262
  • SMS Charges Rs.0.06/SMS
  • IVR Charges Rs.0.24 /min

Youth Central offers various educational services such as: results, syllabus, college information and visa information. Apart from information on other awareness programs, it is an entertainment guide that provides tips on fashion along with the latest trends and technological Information.

*Clarity Required: The subscription is available only for prepaid users. The Youth Encyclopedia states the postpaid charges. [Subscription is only for prepaid customers however the Youth Encyclopedia is open for both (SMS Charges)]

Youth Encyclopedia brings the chance for Jazz Customers to avail the following features by messaging to 6032 without any subscription charges:

  1. Riddle feature
  2. Did you know feature
  3. Compatibility feature
  4. Name Meaning feature

Usage Charges SMS Charges to 6032: Rs.5.98 per SMS


Ever wondered of how your heroes managed to reach the heights they stand upon today? The Youth Central Heromentary feature has stories of all the heroes, from their childhood to their glory times. Tune in and get ready to be inspired by the likes of Wasim Akram, Bill Gates and Mohammad Ali.

Dunya Ki Saer
Travel around the world, browse the amazing locations, learn interesting facts and feel the thrill of going abroad on a tour! Now you can experience all of it on your mobile.

Youth Central Comedy Show
Youth Central is now offering comedy shows and gags of laughter’s that are just a phone call away. It’s always good to have a laugh because laughter is the best medicine!

Youth Central University
Youth Central brings you a very easy way of learning English language. All you need to do is to grab your phone, subscribe to Youth Central and start taking your lectures on the go. Learning English language was never this easy.

University Rankings
Whenever you reach at The stage of professional education, enrolling in a university or grabbing admission offers, this educational service to gives you the rankings of Top 10 universities of Pakistan and abroad according to different categories such as: Management, Finance, Medical, Engineering, IT etc.

Youth Magazine Show
The Youth Central magazine show is the ultimate entertainer and entertainment news channel for you. It keeps you updated with the latest movie reviews, fashion tips, horoscope, technology reviews, fitness tips and so much more on the go.

Vocabulary Builder
Wish to improve your English vocabulary? Then look no further. With the Youth Central Vocabulary Builder, now you can learn to speak useful words with the information about their meanings and usage.

Once you are subscribe to Youth Central, you can access the following features:

Daily Tips and News
Youth Central not only updates you with the latest news on sports and technology but also provides you tips to on how to improve on your studies, fitness, personality and fashion sense. You receive three of these highly informational updates without sending any SMS:

  • Student Tips
  • Youth Awareness Tips
  • Latest Fashion Trends
  • Fitness Tips
  • Sports Review
  • Technology Updates

Exams Preparation and Results
Now you can get everything related to your exams and studies on your fingertips. Youth Central brings everything from preparatory questions to your results. Get all the information you require using following features:

  • Exam Preparation: Multiple Choice Questions from all the subjects belonging to several education boards.
  • Syllabus Updates: Get all your official exam syllabus content through email alerts.
  • Date Sheets: Exam dates from either local education boards or O Levels/A Levels are all in one place now. You can get your hands on them as soon as they are released via email.
  • Tutor Finder: Want to join the best academy in town to prepare for any examination, be it academic or supplementary? Tutor Finder hands you the contact details of the best preparation centers in your city.
  • Exam Results: It’s your result day and you cannot wait to see your performance then use the Exam Results feature to view your result for the Federal Board Examinations, as soon as they are published.

Brain Sharpeners:
Tired of learning the same old dry material in your textbooks and want to learn something new and challenging? Youth Central brings innovative features, to help you do exactly that by boosting your IQ and Vocabulary:

  • IQ Enhancer – Subscribe to daily IQ questions and take a weekly quiz to see what you have learnt.
  • Vocabulary Builder – Subscribe to daily words from SAT and TOEFL vocabulary, to improve your English along with pronunciation and usage which is available on the IVR.

University Students:
If you have moved on to the next level in your education career, Youth Central offers you a variety of features to help you with the following:

  • Internship Alerts – Latest opportunities are available to you that are categorized according to various career areas.
  • University Rankings – Updated, widely acclaimed HEC and QS rankings for local and international universities categorized according to area of study and location.
  • Scholarship Alerts – Subscribe to local and foreign scholarship alerts to learn about the best possible places to study.
  • Discount Alerts and City Happenings – Now you can stay tuned to whatever is happening in your city, from the latest shopping discounts coupled with single major events taking place.

Entertainment Alerts:
When you have done enough of studying and exam preparation you can always relax yourself by watching a movie or listening to quality music. Youth Central brings you all the updates and happenings from the world of entertainment including:

  • News Updates from Bollywood, Hollywood and Lollywood
  • Movie Release Dates
  • Top 10 Music Charts


Universal Command Set

So. No Command Detail
1 SUB To subscribe to the service
2 ISIC For discount on ISIC Cards
3 RES For SSC and HSSC Results
4 SYL For SSC and HSSC Syllabus
5 DS For Date Sheet
6 SA To edit Scholarship Alerts
7 DA To edit Discount Alerts
8 VISA To get Student Visa Information
9 TF To enter Tutor Finder
10 ST Enable Daily Student Tips
11 DST Disable Daily Student Tips
12 SR Enable Weekly Sports Review
13 DSR Disable Weekly Sports Review
14 FG Enable Weekly Fitness Guide
15 DFG Disable Weekly Fitness Guide
16 FT Enable Weekly Fashion Trends
17 DFT Disable Weekly Fashion Trends
18 AC Enable Weekly Student Awareness Campaign
19 DAC Disable Weekly Student Awareness Campaign
20 TR Enable Weekly Technology Review
21 DTR Disable Weekly Technology Review
22 HELP For complete Feature set
23 IA Internship Alerts
24 UR University Rankings
25 VB Vocabulary Builder
26 IQ IQ Enhancer
27 EP Exam Preparation
28 EA Entertainment Alerts
29 DEA Disable Entertainment Alerts
30 UNSUB To unsubscribe to the service
What is the Jazz Youth Central service?

Youth Central is a comprehensive portal that not only satisfies all your academic needs but also provides you with quality entertainment and the opportunity to enhance your knowledge, vision and personality.

Who can use the service?

All Jazz users, with an active SIM connection can use the service.

How can I subscribe to the Jazz Youth Central service?

You can subscribe to the service by textig in SUB to 6262 or by dialing the Youth Central IVR 6262.

What sort of features can I use on the Youth Central service?

You will be sent three tips or news alerts daily related to: students, fashion, fitness, sports, and technology along with other youth awareness programs. For browsing other features, send in MENU to 6262.

How will I know if the message sent is from the Youth Central service?

All Youth Central messages will be sent to you from either ‘Youth’ or 6262. For some features, an email will be sent from Youth Central to the provided email address.

Can I access a particular Youth Central feature directly?

Yes, you can do so by sending in the appropriate keyword/command to 6262.

How can I unsubscribe from the Youth Central service?

You can unsubscribe from the service by sending in the command UNSUB to 6262.

  • Unwanted and unethical (unreasonable) messages can be reported by texting SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) message to 9000 –PTA
  • In light of recent orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Sales Tax and Advance Income Tax are not being collected from Postpaid Consumers in Pakistan w.e.f. 16th Oct 2018. The tax amount mentioned in the bill (if any) is related to the amounts incurred upto 15th Oct 2018.
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