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Jazz Auto Reply
  • Subscription Code Dial 7071
  • Unsubscribe Dial *7071#
  • Charges Rs.7.14/ Week (Incl. tax)

Busy and cannot attend a call? Jazz Auto Reply service will ensure that all your calls are attended to when your call goes unanswered, you reject the call or your number is busy. Auto reply will let your callers know the reason of your unavailability through selected/pre-recorded audio messages or an audio message recorded in your voice without you actually receiving the call!

Subscription Dial *7071#
Un-subscription Dial *7071#
Charges Subscription Charges: Rs. 5.98 per 15 days

IVR Charges: Free
SMS Charges: Free

  • Customers can record messages in their own voice by recording it on 7071
  • Customers can temporarily switch off the service by sending ‘OFF’ to 7071. However, please note this is not un-subscription. He will continue to be charged as a subscribed user. To resume the auto reply messages, user will have to send ‘ON’ to 7071
  • Customers can keep temporary messages for 30 minutes by sending the below mentioned keywords for specific required message
  • For all users who opt to subscribe to the service, their default message will be set to “Ye user abhi masroof hai. Please SMS karein. Shukariya”
  • Customers can set specific messages for different MSISDNs
What is Jazz Auto Reply service?

Auto Reply allows your callers to know your availability when your number is busy or not responding.

Do I need a special SIM or phone to subscribe to this service?

No. You do not need any special SIM or phone to subscribe Auto Reply Service. This service can work on any standard mobile or smart phone.

Who can subscribe Jazz MCA?

All Jazz Prepaid and Postpaid customers can subscribe to Jazz Auto Reply service.

Is this service applicable on all networks?

Yes, it is applicable on all prepaid and postpaid on-net and Off-net Numbers.

Will I get be charged for every alert that I receive?

No, you will only be charged the subscription fee.

Through which service mediums can I subscribe to the service?


Can I set an Auto Reply message for a specific number?

Yes, dial 7071 and select the specific number option to set the desired message from any category

Can I record a message in my own voice?

Yes, dial 7071 and record a custom message in your own voice

Can I recommend the service to someone?

Yes, write REC 92300xxxxxxx and send to 7071

  • PREPAID – For AJK / FATA / Gilgit Baltistan / Islamabad / Balouchistan/ regions, please visit here for Prepaid Tariff details of this offer/ package.
  • Unwanted and unethical (unreasonable) messages can be reported by texting SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) message to 9000 –PTA
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