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Jazz Drive

Jazz Drive is personal cloud storage services. To back-up our users’ photos, videos, music and documents, Jazz has developed a mobile application for those who don’t want to lose their important data. Jazz Drive application provides an easy to store, access & share experience. It has an amazing feature of auto backing-up user’s data on WIFI. It is available on Android, iOS, Website, Windows & MacOS.

Package Plans

Packages Storage (GBs) Packages
Free Plan Unlimited Free Trial (30 Days)
Basic Plan 25GB PKR 199+Tax/Per Month
Premium Plan Unlimited PKR 599+Tax/Per Month

(*) Free Plan is only available for one month. After time completion, User has to upgrade the plan.

(**) Paid package plan are recursive for Jazz and Warid prepaid & postpaid users.


Experiencing the magic of infinite space on your device has never been easier! Use the ‘Free up storage’ feature to safely clean
up items from your device that are already backed up in your cloud account.


Find the pictures of your last trip by putting event name in search. You won’t have problems in finding your most important
events anymore!


A private space for your family to share memories, stories, adventures of a lifetime. Only family members can post or view. Notification informs you when a new item is uploaded.


Jazz Drive automatically reminds you of your most special memories. Just go to the “Highlights” section to remember your past experiences.


Create and edit beautiful montages of the pictures within any album or highlight. Music, play/pause controls are just some of the features that we have for a
meaningful experience.


Edit your pictures to make them your own, thanks to features such as auto-enhance, effects, frames, crop, meme and much more.


Share pictures, albums or your favorite highlights in the blink of an eye. Share via email or via your favorite apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and more. Turn on collaboration to allow your friends to contribute to your albums and sets.


Your device’s contacts are secured to the cloud and kept in sync across all your devices.


Your digital life goes beyond physical devices. Include your online content such as Facebook photos, Dropbox documents, Gmail attachments or Instagram pictures. Auto-organized, searchable and shareable.


It does not matter if you own a smartphone, a tablet or a PC. Jazz Drive takes care of everything

Jazz Drive supports following types of Data:

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Documents
  • Contacts
  • SMS’s, Call-log, App-list
Jazz Drive Application Links:
Android Application
iOS Application
How to get Jazz Drive service?

You can search and download our application under the name of ‘Jazz Drive’ on Play Store and App Store.

Is Jazz available on website?

Drive is also available on

How can a user download the Windows and Macos Applications?

Both applications can be downloaded through Jazz drive website:

Can a user subscribe through SMS?

Subscription is only possible through Mobile Applications & Website.

Is service available for both Prepaid and Postpaid User?

It is available for both prepaid and post users.

What are the storage plans available on Jazz Drive?

A user can opt for any of the three different packages:

  • Free Trial Plan – Unlimited for one month only
  • Basic Plan – 25 GB
  • Premium Plan – Unlimited
Can a user downgrade its premium plan to Basic plan?

Yes, user can downgrade its plan but it’s used storage must be under 25 GB.

What is the charging cycle?

The charging cycle is monthly recursive model for basic and Premium package. However, the free trial is for one month only.

What are the data charges of app?

Standard Data charges will apply on usage.

What if the user doesn’t have enough balance?

User can’t use the service in case of insufficient balance.

What is Social Media Feature & how a user can attach it with Jazz Drive?

Social media feature includes a user’s Facebook, Instagram, Gmail & Dropbox accounts. User can sync these accounts with Jazz Drive. User data from these accounts can be access in Jazz Drive.

Is User account password protected?

Yes, user account is password protected; password is set by user at the time of Sign up.

What if user forgets its password?

User can always reset its password at the login page, An OTP confirmation message is sent to user to set new password.

What is the deletion process from Jazz Drive?

User can delete the data (picture/videos/Music/documents) from Jazz Drive Mobile applications & Website.

What happens to the data deleted from Jazz Drive?

The data(picture/videos/Music/documents) is available in the Trash Bin within the Mobile / Window applications. User has to empty trash to permanently delete the data.

Can a user retrieve its data from trash?

Yes, Jazz drive website allow the user to restore one or more items from trash Bin.

How can a user unsubscribe from Jazz Drive?

A user can unsubscribe through Jazz Drive service from Android Application and Jazz Drive Website.

What happens when a user unsubscribe from Jazz Drive?

User is given one-month grace period to download all its uploaded data. After one-month User’s data is permanently removed.

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