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Zero Balance Call
  • Subscription Fee Rs.7.15/ Week (Incl. tax)
  • Subscription Code Dial *600#
  • Validity Week
  • Unsubscribe Dial *600# & follow instructions

The Zero Balance Call service allows prepaid customers to generate calls and send SMS to B-party, when they have zero balance.

Reserve Call:

Jazz now offers its customers an enhanced feature of reserve call. The Subscribers of Zero Balance Call service, will be able to purchase reserve calls and make calls even when they are out of balance.

Allowed calls:
2 calls of 60 seconds each
Calls would be applicable on off-net (Excluding landline) and on-net numbers.

Generating Missed Calls and SMS:
In order to send missed call or SMS to B-Party, you need to dial *600# from your prepaid SIM. Following are the options available on the menu:

  • Reserved Call : You can make 2 calls of 60 seconds each when out of balance
  • Send Missed Call: With easy steps, you will be able to send a missed call
  • Send SMS: You can type your own SMS or choose from 7 default templates
  • Account Summary: It summarizes the remaining number of reserve calls, missed calls and SMS in your account
  • By default 1 reserve call, 2 missed calls and 2 SMS will be allowed without any fee deduction
  • Upon being successfully charged, you will be provisioned for full bundle of 2 Reserve call, 5 Missed calls , 2 SMS
  • While using the ZBC service you can consume, Calls/SMS/Missed calls from the default-bundle or a full-bundle. You can recharge the ZBC bundle account by paying Rs. 2.68 upfront and add a full-bundle to your ZBC account.
  • Missed call and SMS to B-party will be received in ‘09230XXXXXXX’ format
  • Validity of ZBC bundle is of 30 days.
How can I subscribe to the Zero balance Call service?

A-You need to dial *600# and can subscribe to Zero Balance Call service, once subscribed you can dial *600# again to generate missed call and SMS.

What are the charges of this service?

A-Bundle of 2 reserve calls, 5 missed calls and 2 SMS can be purchased at Rs.2.25, once subscribed recurring weekly charges of Rs.2.25 will be deducted.

Can I use this service even when I don’t have a balance of Rs. 2.25 ?

A-Yes you can use this service once. It allows 1 reserve call, 2 default SMS and 2 missed calls to first time users only

Will the service only work once my balance is zero?

You can use this service at any point in time. It will work even if your balance is more than zero.

What is the validity of the bundle?

The validity of the bundle is 30 days.

Can I buy another bundle once I have consumed my current bundle?

Yes you can buy another bundle provided you have Rs.2.25 in your account, for an upfront payment.

Will the called party see my number on their CLI?

The called party will see your original number on their CLI when they receive a missed call

Will I be charged every time for making a missed call to a required number?

No, you need to pay weekly subscription charges. No charges apply on using the *600# code for generating missed calls or sending SMS.

What will happen if the second party receives the missed call?

Our system will immediately cut the call when the second party receives it.

Can I send a text message only from the SMS templates?

You can send the text message from SMS templates as well as type your own message. However, the message needs to be within the limit of 50 characters.

How do I get to know about the remaining reserve calls, missed calls and text messages?

You can dial *600# and check the account summary from the service menu. It will provide you information about the remaining number of reserve calls, missed calls and text messages.

Who can use this service?

Only prepaid customers can use this service.

Can I make International reserved calls, missed calls and text messages?

No, these are allowed for local numbers only.

  • PREPAID – For AJK / FATA / Gilgit Baltistan / Islamabad / Balouchistan/ regions, please visit here for Prepaid Tariff details of this offer/ package.
  • Unwanted and unethical (unreasonable) messages can be reported by texting SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) message to 9000 –PTA
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